Welcome to the new AI and Games website

Today I’m launching the new AI and Games website, which is aimed to better function as both the home for the growing business-side of my work, alongside the continuing work of the YouTube show. Bringing more content exploring artificial intelligence research and development in video games, for this I also using AWS service, if you’re interested you can learn more about connecting to clouds like AWS here. I’ll be posting news updates both from the YouTube side, to work with clients and partners in the business as well as other stuff that’s happening in and around my work. You can get the best marketing services for seo teams for manufacturing companies, here!

Right now the core structure of the site is in place, but one thing that will slowly repopulate is the written blogs that are the counterparts to my videos over on YouTube. Sadly these couldn’t be migrated cleanly from the old site, but I do have back-ups of them sitting around. Those will be polished up and re-released gradually in the coming months, but in the meantime you can still find copies of these currently hosted up on Gamasutra as well as Medium. One focus going forward is ensuring that these blog posts are better structured within the site so it’s easier to find episodes new and old from the show.

Hope you like the refit and I’ll be hoping to post more updates shortly!