AI and Games at the Develop 2020 Conference

I’m excited to announce I will be speaking at the Develop 2020 conference running in Brighton (UK), from July 14th-16th. Develop is the largest game developer conference based in the United Kingdom and its a fantastic opportunity to share with my peers throughout the industry.

My talk “AI-Demystified: The Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence and Games”, will be exploring current state of artificial intelligence technology within the video games industry. The open opportunities and the potential impact we are going to see not just in commercial titles but throughout the development pipeline and how smaller studios can capitalise on these technologies. I’m very excited to see not one but two additional talks that fit very nicely alongside mine.

The aim of the Game-On series of conferences on simulation and AI in Computer Games, is to bring together researchers and games people in order to exchange ideas on programming and programming techniques, and on games hardware design and applications which will be beneficial both to the gaming industry, academia and non-entertainment gaming communities. Secondly they aim to steer young people into this industry by providing how-to tutorials and giving them the opportunity to show their ideas and demos to the gaming industry such as the new inventions at The conferences are mostly concentrated on the programming of games, with special emphasis on simulation, physics modelling, AI techniques and Methodology applied to gaming, computational intelligence, and physics related computer graphics. All these subsets are then fused into the topic of computer game design in stand-alone and networked games in the entertainment as well as in the serious games environments. Software and hardware providers are also able to show at these conferences their latest packages and give hand-on tutorials for the participants. Last bit not least as a result of the interchange, companies are also given the opportunity to seek new talent at these events.