About ‘AI and Games’

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool within the video games industry.  Be it to craft engaging experiences with friendly and enemy characters, open-world systems and procedurally generated content.  To understand user behaviour and performance or to improve workflow during development.

As artificial intelligence continues to grow, new opportunities continue take hold within the video games industry.  AI and Games was first founded to help better communicate how AI is implemented within the industry and to provide points of entry for both aspiring and seasoned developers.

So if you’re making games and need insight into how AI works and want to learn more,  this is the place to be!

The YouTube Show

While AI and Games provides consultancy and development support to games studios big and small, the company started out as a YouTube channel!  Back in 2014 the idea was to provide a teaching tool to support university games programming students.  And this is still a vital part of what we’re doing.