You’re right!  It is.  But we also work in the video games industry as consultants and developers.  So you can hire us to help you make your game too.

We work with indie, AA and AAA.  If you’re on a tighter budget then get in touch and we can discuss rates.

We’re happy to answer the odd question or two that comes our way.

Yes indeed.  You can often see the upcoming events in our company news page.  However, if you’re looking to invite to your school/college/event/company for a more bespoke talk, then please get in touch and we can discuss availability and rates.

If it’s within travelling distance, then working on-site for the duration of a proposed contract is possible.  However, if it is long-distance for us, then either can work entirely remote or with periodic review meetings on-site.

AI and Games started out as a crowdfunded YouTube show.  The crowdfunding continues to run as a special means for fans of the show to influence future episodes and get behind-the-scenes access to my work.