Building AI for games is no small feat!  But there is a big question faced of every developer of which technology to use, what AI tools are better suited to the task at hand?  How can you get a specific gameplay feature implemented with as little hassle as possible?  That’s where we can help!

From technology firms to indie and AAA studios, we can tailor products to suit your needs.

Finding the best direction for your project

Working towards publisher pitch and unsure how to achieve a specific feature within your project?  Based on existing work both internal to AI and Games and across indie and AAA we can identify the best approach to build what you want.

Interested in exploring a facet of AI technology, but don’t have the time to dig into it thoroughly?  We can provide an overview of the field, best practices, case studies and recommendations.

Don’t work in games?  Need a more thorough understanding of the current technology market and open opportunities?  Not a problem.