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Tommy & George @ GDC 2024 | Branching Factor #017

Tommy & George @ GDC 2024 | Branching Factor #017

Surviving the Soulsborne of games events...

Branching Factor is our sister podcast to AI and Games. In each episode we dive into the realities of video games development and research. You can listen to the podcast ad free as a paid subscriber to our Substack.

and are back for this episode of Branching Factor, recorded on the final day of the 2024 Game Developers Conference (GDC). The team reflect on the week that has passed, and just how valuable a solid nights sleep can be when caught up in all this madness.

Plus they discuss the reality of what it means to be at GDC as independent contractors, plus the moods and themes they’re picking up across their respective corners of the games industry.

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Listen to the podcast via the player above or via the video recording below.

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