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While AI and Games continues to publish new material on YouTube and Substack on a regular basis, our day-to-day work is focussed on providing professional services related to artificial intelligence for the video games industry.

We’ve conducted a variety of projects and collaborations with studios in varying size and stature, both on-site (greater London area and overseas) and remote since 2017.


The work we conduct across the industry varies and is designed to facilitate the needs of the project and the studio. A non-exhaustive list of work conducted with studios to date is as follows:

  • Research Consultancy:
    Working with institutions to help direct their focus as part of prototype or research development. This ranges from providing research reports in emerging trends and methodologies, to providing support with specific projects and refining them for production.

  • Design Consultancy:
    Working with games studios to help improve the overall quality of AI systems employed within their productions. This can include non-player characters (NPCs), directors and experience management systems, interfacing with narrative and gameplay design teams and more. This can range from providing reviews of builds in development, to a more hands-on approach as we liaise with the development team.

  • Contract Software and Game Developer:
    Working directly with the studios on productions. In previous roles Tommy has worked as a gameplay programmer, AI programmer, game designer, technical designer, and as a technical lead.

  • Stakeholder Communication Projects:
    Developing media projects for dissemination either internally within the organisation, or as a public-facing endeavour aimed at potential customers, this can take on a variety of forms and is negotiated with the client to ensure core ideas are expressed and brand integrity is retained.

  • Professional Training:
    Providing on-site or remote training programmes on a variety of topics related to artificial intelligence for game development.

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