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Starting out as a YouTube series in 2014, and hosted by Dr Tommy Thompson, AI and Games is an educational series that aims to provide insight into how artificial intelligence is used in games, and how academic research is changing the start of the art.  AI and Games has since amassed an audience of over quarter of a million people around the world, accruing millions of views in the process. It has achieved recognition both among the press, and the wider games industry as a trusted and reliable source on artificial intelligence in video games.

Each entry of the YouTube series is a detailed and thorough analysis of the topic at hand. Ranging from ground-breaking research to the inner workings of contemporary or classic games. We avoid the hype and discuss the realities of what’s happening in easy-to-understand language, all in an effort to empowering our audience to pursue their game development interests.

About Tommy

Dr Tommy Thompson has worked as a professional software engineer since the mid 2000’s, specialising in artificial intelligence for video games. Tommy successfully defended his PhD in AI for games back in 2010, and after a brief stint working in the investment banking sector, he spent the next 10 years working in academia in the UK; fostering his love and enthusiasm for AI in games.

Starting as a lecturer in computer science at the University of Derby in 2012, Tommy subsequently led the BSc in Computer Games Programming, during which time both the course and Tommy himself were nominated for and won several accolades from both the UK games industry and student body alike.  After a period teaching at Anglia Ruskin University’s games courses, he ended his academic career at King’s College London and taught artificial intelligence in the Department of Informatics.  During this period, Tommy published over 50 peer-reviewed academic publications in the areas of machine learning for games, AI for non-player character design, and procedural content generation.  In addition, Tommy presented at and helped organise numerous academic and industry events around AI for games.

In 2022, Tommy became a full-time consultant and engineer specialising in artificial intelligence for games.  Since 2017 he has worked with companies on developing, refining, and communicating efforts in AI for video games.  His clients have ranged in size and scale, from the biggest of AAA to the smallest of indie studios in the UK, US and farther afield. 

Outside of his own business operations, he is on the advisory board of the AI Summit at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and previously volunteered with local schools on teaching game development as a STEM ambassador in the UK. In addition, he was the co-owner and programmer of indie games studio Table Flip Games; developing their own projects and conducting work-for-hire in the games industry.

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Tommy conducts work for a variety of technology companies big and small regarding AI for games. If you’re keen to discuss further business collaborations, please consult the links below:

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